Best hotels near Duomo Florence

Best hotels near Duomo Florence

You can’t find a more central spot than the impressive cathedral of the city when visiting Florence. The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore is colloquially known as the “Duomo”. Completed in the 15th century, this is a marble masterpiece. It was topped with the massive dome made by Brunelleschi, which is a structure that’s visible from most of the parts of the city and even the surrounding countryside.

On your visit, you should always book a hotel in central locations, as it cuts way down on wasted time being spent on getting to and fro from the city center. You can dart back to your hotel room as and when you need throughout the day by sleeping central.

Want to take a shower or change before dinner? No problem. Forget something? Easy! Had a little too much wine at dinner? No worries. Your hotel isn’t that far…

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Amazing hotels near the Duomo

Here is a list of five great hotels in Florence. Some of these are within a one-minute walk distance of the Duomo. Yes, you read that right! All of these rooms are for under 100 Euro during most of the year. Trust me, I’m not making this up!

Read on…

  1. Soggiorno Battistero
  • Hotels to stay near Duomo Florence

Address – Piazza San Giovanni 1
Price starts from – 99 Euro (double)

This charming B&B is the biggest splurge on our list.

It offers six sophisticated rooms which you’ll literally find across the street from the Duomo. I’m serious! For rooms which allow you to look at the dome from your bed, you can just pay a little extra. All the rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Come in the winter or fall season for the best deals as rates run a lot higher in the high season. Breakfast is included.

  • Tourist House Duomo
Hotels to stay near Duomo Florence

Address – Via de’ Cerretani 1
Price starts from – 84 Euro

This Tourist House is located just about four doors down from the baptistery of Duomo. It provides six rooms that have high ceilings and are quite roomy. All rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and TV. Breakfast is included. 

  • Hotel Medici

Address – Via de’ Medici 6
Price starts from – 80 Euro (double)

Well, let us dive into something really cheap now. The two-star Hotel Medici is hands-down one of the best deals you can get in central Florence. It is located around the corner from the Duomo. The rooms in this six-floor hotel don’t have TV or air conditioning, and are pretty simple, but they still offers jaw-dropping views of the Duomo and the surrounding streets. And did I mention the cost? 

  • Hotel San Giovanni

Address – Via de’ Cerretani 2
Price starts from – 54 Euro (double shared bathroom) and 70 Euro (double private external bathroom)

The one-star Giovanni Hotel is a budget gem. It offers a remarkably affordable accommodation just a few steps from the Duomo, and right next to the Tourist House Duomo. It is housed in a 16th-century palazzo that once used to serve as a residence for bishops. The San Giovanni hotel offers free Wi-Fi. 

  • Hotel Dali

Address – Via Dell Oriuolo, 17
Price starts from – 40 to 90 Euro (doubles)

The Dali here charms people with its antique and vintage furnishing. The friendly Marco and Samanta run this amazing 10-room albergo which from the Duomo’s back door, is located just down the Via Dell Oriuolo. For more than a decade, the Dali has been a EuroCheapo favorite.  It offers free Wi-Fi, coffee/tea, and lots of parking space.

So tell me, which hotel are you planning to stay at?

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